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Noongar people Noongar land: the resilience of Aboriginal culture in the south west of Western Australia
Kingsley Palmer
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Product Description

This book, Noongar people, Noongar land, arose from the protracted struggle of the Indigenous Noongar people of the South West of Western Australia to gain recognition of their native title rights and interests under the Australian federal government’s Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) (NTA). Based on the expert anthropological report for the Noongar people’s native title claim, known as the ‘Single Noongar Claim’, it is a collective account of Noongar people’s relationships with each other and the country to which they remain connected. The Noongar people who informed the content of this book, some of whom have not survived to see its publication, bear witness to the continuing vibrancy of Noongar tradition.

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