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Being Black: Aboriginal cultures in 'settled' Australia
Ian Keen (editor)
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Product Description

This volume brings together results of research by anthropologists, linguists and historians on the social life of people who used to be labelled 'part-Aborigines' or 'urban Aborigines'.

Issues discussed include bases of identity, ties of family, structure of community, ways of speaking, beliefs and feelings about country, and attitudes to the past.

Contributors include Diane Barwick, Barry Morris, Julie Carter, Jerry Schwab, Diana Eades, Jeremy Beckett, Chris Birdsall, Basil Sansom, Gaynor Macdonald, Marcia Langton, Patricia Baines and Peter Sutton.

Reprinted 1991, 1988, pb, 240x170mm, 288pp
ISBN 9780855751852

Being Black (ASP web page)

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