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Aboriginal Suicide is Different: A portrait of life and self-destruction
Colin Tatz (author)
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Product Description

Aboriginal Suicide is Different is a portrait of life, and of self-destruction, by young Australian Aboriginal men and women. Adopting an historical and anthropological approach to suicide in Australia and New Zealand, the book documents rates of suicide that may well be the world’s worst, and tries to glimpse the soul of the suicide rather than merely his or her contribution to our national statistics.That so many young Australian Aboriginal people prefer death to life implies a rejection of what we, in the broader Australian society, have on offer. It reflects our failure, as a nation, to provide sufficient incentives for young Aborigines to remain alive.

Reprinted 2005 & 2010, first printed 2001, pb, 205x270mm, 264pp
ISBN 9780855754983

Aboriginal suicide is different (ASP web page)

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